Powering Dogechain

And then there was DOGEX

The native coin of DogeSwap. Coming soon.

For too long DEXes have focused on TVL...

DogeSwap's new farming formula focuses on APPA (Accessible Positive Price Action) instead of TVL, in line with the Dogecoin principles of building things people love - maximising wow.

Take a closer look.

100% Doge. 100% Swap.
Made entirely out of Wow.

Classy yet dreamy.

1000+ Coins

Unstoppable. Join the Revolution

Meet the DogeSwap team.

Meet the first team in crypto that is ready to scale beyond the limits of the physical world we live in.

Their abilities go beyond coding, building systems and growing a new economy.

Their abilities are designed for a purpose: to take DogeCoin, DOGEX, DogeSwap and the whole Doge ecosystem intergalactic.

  • One of the earliest DogeCoiners
  • Built DogeSwap in 1 day
  • Is also a unicorn
  • Diamond Hands
  • What more do you need to know?

Shiba Wow San

  • Master of Coin
  • Builds 24/7, only builds
  • Dreams bigger than what exists
  • Lives to free his fellow man
  • When he wakes up, he is ready to conquer
  • Always hungry for more

Chad Dogamoto

  • Technoking of Dogeswap
  • InteIntergalactic by nature
  • Always looking into the future
  • When not building, gyming
  • Always thinking about dogeNever sleeps more than 4 hours
  • Wants to bring the future to the present

Intergallactic Point of View. Many DEXes are trying to be the "best DEX in the world" or even thinking smaller than that to be the "best DEX on xyz blockchain". DogeSwap provides the full immersive experience with a galactic focus. The team is focused on being the best DEX in the Galaxy and eventually the Universe.

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